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i think move count should start when i get into a fight with an enemy

Yes I understand you but this was our first experience in turn based so we couldn't make it perfect :D, thanks!

I always get stuck right at the beginning. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

You should click next turn button to move again. Beceuse it is turn based. :D

I did that. And I could move one down [next turn], one left (pick up the card) [next turn]. And then I couldn't move any more...

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I couldn't understand why you see this bug but when I play now I don't stuck at any point. Maybe you can try to start with left, down, down. Sorry for inconvenient experiance.

Okay, the problem was with Firefox (or my extensions). I was finally able to play it in Chrome

Ohh, I'm glad you can play now thanks for your interest! :D