Hellcape is a turn-based adventure game. A soul who tortured in Hell for thousands of years tries to find Gate of the Hell to escape.

How to Play:
There is a turn-based system, so you can move only one time when it's turned for the player. (WASD to move) Press "Next Turn" button, wait for the enemy's turn and then you will be able to move again. You can see who's turn on the left side and how many moves you have.

You will have cards while playing, can select them from "My Cards" section and you will be able to use them. If you collected more cards, you can select up to five cards in my cards section.

Using a card will perform an attack according to which direction you choose for it. Each card has its own mana amount, be careful before using it.

Ayca Uyanık - aycauynk

Ensar Eray Akkaya - ensareray


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i think move count should start when i get into a fight with an enemy

Yes I understand you but this was our first experience in turn based so we couldn't make it perfect :D, thanks!

I always get stuck right at the beginning. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

You should click next turn button to move again. Beceuse it is turn based. :D

I did that. And I could move one down [next turn], one left (pick up the card) [next turn]. And then I couldn't move any more...

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I couldn't understand why you see this bug but when I play now I don't stuck at any point. Maybe you can try to start with left, down, down. Sorry for inconvenient experiance.

Okay, the problem was with Firefox (or my extensions). I was finally able to play it in Chrome

Ohh, I'm glad you can play now thanks for your interest! :D